About WEA

Wholesale Electric Asia (WEA) delivers Electrical/Instrumentation engineering and supply solutions for Energy, Infrastructure, Defence, Transportation, Mining & Data Center / Industrial projects. Together with our Global Investor Partners, we combine more than 100 years of experience across the globe.

Draw on our global outreach & local presence to accomplish your Design Engineering Support, MTO (Material Take Offs), Project & Site Maintenance Material Supply & Industrial UPS Site Maintenance.

Our Industries

WEA excels in providing solutions to your Asian & Global facilities via our Global Investor Partners. We collaborate via our proprietory CMMS (Construction Materials Management System) platform for various industries such as, airports and ports, defence, infrastructure, oil/gas and marine, transportation and mining and industrial.

Airports & Sea Ports

Global Construction Projects

Global LNG Projects & Module Yards Coordination

Military & Defence Contractors

Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Refineries

Mining & Minerals

Offshore Oil, Gas & Marine Projects



Data Center Solution

Our Global Shareholder Structure

Wholesale Electric Asia (WEA) comprises of two shareholders: CNW Electrical Wholesale and Wholesale Electric Supply Co. of Houston, Inc.

Exceed USD $1B+

Global Revenues



Asia Operations

Singapore (HQ), Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and China.

130+ Strategic Locations

Operations across the world

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