CMMS Cable Management

There are two very good reasons for CMMS Cable Management. Firstly, cables represent more than 50% of the typical bulk electrical expenditures on Capital Projects. CMMS Cable Management significantly reduces investment costs. Secondly, cable is the single most likely item to become a liability to any project through waste, damage, theft, or surplus. WEA CMMS Cable Management eliminates these pressures, contributing significantly to cost savings.

How it works

After determining which cable sizes need managing, the CMMS team enters the roll-up quantities from the engineered cable MTO list into the Project Catalog.

Wholesale Electric CMMS negotiates return policy with cable manufacturers and purchases cable on the longest possible master reels.

The CMMS Cable Management is used to calculate cable cuts in such a way as to minimize waste on reels and to do that, it also tracks inventory changes by reel and reel length.

When a field-verified length of cable is requested, the system determines the most efficient reel from which to cut the request. All cut lengths are tagged by circuit ID as per the field release. At any time, real-time status of cable circuit numbers and reel lengths can be accessed online.

Empty reels are removed from the job site, keeping it clean and safe. Reels are re-used to keep costs low.

Cable Management Benefits


  • Field productivity. Cable is available
    when needed and already cut to the
    right lengths


  • Cable surplus and shrinkage on the
    job site.


  • Cable damage in the field.
  • Storage, handling equipment and
    security costs.
  • Project investment costs. The project
    is invoiced only when cable is
    released to the field.