Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Meet Chloride© CP70, our leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution that delivers unrivalled safety and high power availability.

Capable of up to 500kVA output (customisable to your exact needs), this complete AC DC UPS solution is configured with Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC), resulting in three times weight reduction over conventional batteries, and up to 80% footprint reduction.

Sodium Metal Chloride SMC UPS Chloride CP70

Chloride® CP70

AC & DC UPS Solution

  • Up to 500 kVA Output
  • Other rating can be engineered and customised


  • Unrivalled Safety
  • High Power Availability
  • “N+1” or “n+n” battery redundancy configuration
  • Smart Control System
  • Individual battery controls
  • Environmental Resistance
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimized Space and Weight
  • Up to 80% footprint reduction
  • Up to 3 times lighter that conventional batteries

Sodium Metal Chloride SMC Technology for UPS

Sodium Metal Chloride Technology for UPS

  • Battery Selection
  • Battery Sizing – IEEE485 program
  • Battery Rack Design
  • Built-in Battery Monitoring System


  • No Need for Zone 1 Battery Room
  • No Need for Battery Room
  • No Need for Ex ‘d’ Rated Equipment
  • Normal & Safe Area HVAC System
  • No Need for Shutdown Damper
  • No Need for Fire Suppression System FM200
  • Weight Reduction
  • Overall Project & Operation Cost Reduction

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