Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Chloride® CP70

AC & DC UPS Solution

  • Up to 500 kVA Output
  • Other rating can be engineered and customised


  • Unrivalled Safety
  • High Power Availability
  • “N+1” or “n+n” battery redundancy configuration
  • Smart Control System
  • Individual battery controls
  • Environmental Resistance
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimized Space and Weight
  • Up to 80% footprint reduction
  • Up to 3 times lighter that conventional batteries

Sodium Metal Chloride Technology for UPS

  • Battery Selection
  • Battery Sizing – IEEE485 program
  • Battery Rack Design
  • Built-in Battery Monitoring System


  • No Need for Zone 1 Battery Room
  • No Need for Battery Room
  • No Need for Ex ‘d’ Rated Equipment
  • Normal & Safe Area HVAC System
  • No Need for Shutdown Damper
  • No Need for Fire Suppression System FM200
  • Weight Reduction
  • Overall Project & Operation Cost Reduction

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