What is the benefit?


On a global scale, organisations are facing difficult economic challenges in the construction of new facilities. There is demand for continuous improvement in the productivity, profitability and quality control of such projects, of all sizes. In using CMMS, organisations reap benefits on an all-rounded basis, from time to material to monetary savings.

project maintenance and material supplies

SAVE 26%

on Total Electrical Expenditure with CMMS

Proven to increase customer profitability on any size project by saving on the total installed cost of electrical materials. The average savings is 26%1

1Documentation is available upon request.

Project Life Cycle

Cost Savings come from all phases of the project life cycle

CMMs Benefits

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Efficiency & Productivity Improvements

Direct Cost Savings

Cost Savings come from all phases of the project life cycle

Efficiency/Productivity Improvements

• Purchase Order Administration
• Material Management
– Precision Tracking, Enhanced Control and Real-time Reporting
• Simplified Work Planning
• Enhanced Field Productivity
– Right-Time Delivery
– Efficient Handling & Storage
– Cable Management
– Installation

Direct Cost Savings

• Reduced:
– Material Cost
– Investment/Ownership Cost**
– Material Surplus

** Material (including cable) is invoiced to the project only after release to the field

1Documentation is available upon request.

26% Based On Total Savings $261,000 per $1.0 Million in Purchases
Purchase Order Administration $33,581.00
Material Cost $61,489.00
Investment Cost $13,891.00
Material Management $39,995.00
Cable Management $25,374.00
Installation $9,514.00
Material Surplus $77,258.00
CMMs Benefits